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About ten years ago, I was involved in a bad car accident. Another driver, who happened to be driving drunk at the time, smashed into the car I was driving. In addition to killing my daughter, the accident also left me paralyzed from the waist down. Although the case should have been cut and dry, the insurance company claimed that I was at fault. Fortunately, I worked with a lawyer who was able to fight my case for me. Without his help, I would still be paying off medical bills. I want to spread the word about the good that lawyers can do, which is why I created this website.

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Delayed Injuries And Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

A car accident can result in physical, mental, and emotional trauma. Some of these injuries will appear immediately after the accident. Others might take some time to develop. Delayed injuries can be challenging when it comes to filing for financial compensation in a court of law.

It's important that you are able to recognize some of the symptoms that are associated with common delayed injuries so that you can receive the maximum amount of compensation for your car accident.


Recurring headaches that start to appear in the weeks or months following your auto accident should not be ignored. Headaches can be an indicator that you have suffered trauma in your accident. Whiplash, concussion, or a neck injury can all manifest as headaches.

Be sure to seek medical attention for your headaches so that you can include the underlying delayed injuries in your request for compensation when calculating damages in an auto accident lawsuit.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

It's not uncommon for individuals who have been in an auto accident to experience some stiffness and pain following the collision. If the pain and stiffness in your shoulders or neck don't seem to subside, the pain may be letting you know that you have a hidden injury. Some injuries can take time to manifest — particularly whiplash.

A doctor can x-ray your neck and shoulders to determine if your persistent pain is the result of whiplash. This type of injury can be treated with physical therapy and medication. The costs of treatment should be included in your lawsuit, so monitor yourself closely for persistent neck and shoulder pain that develops in the days or weeks after your accident.

Back Pain

Even a minor fender-bender can lead to back injuries. If your body is jarred enough in the accident, disks could become herniated. You may also experience a sprain of the muscles near the spinal cord or a tearing of the ligaments in the lower back.

Back pain can be debilitating. The inability to sit, stand, lay, or lift comfortably due to back pain can have a negative effect on your quality of life. The underlying injuries that are associated with back pain can worsen over time, so you should pay close attention to any back pain you experience after your accident.

Delayed injuries may start to manifest after you have filed your personal injury lawsuit. Work closely with your auto accident attorney to amend your complaint as needed so that you receive the full financial compensation you are entitled to as a result of an auto accident.