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About ten years ago, I was involved in a bad car accident. Another driver, who happened to be driving drunk at the time, smashed into the car I was driving. In addition to killing my daughter, the accident also left me paralyzed from the waist down. Although the case should have been cut and dry, the insurance company claimed that I was at fault. Fortunately, I worked with a lawyer who was able to fight my case for me. Without his help, I would still be paying off medical bills. I want to spread the word about the good that lawyers can do, which is why I created this website.

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An Inexperienced Driver's Guide To Recognizing A Distracted Driver

Every time you climb behind the wheel of your car you are facing risks, no matter how safe of a driver you may be. With about 80 percent of automobile accidents being caused by a distracted driver, it really is true that you can never control how much risk there is involved in just being on the road at all with other people. This is an unfortunate reality that can really hit home if you find yourself involved in an accident through no fault of your own and have to seek the aid of a car accident lawyer for help. Even though you may not be able to control how much attention other drivers pay to the road, you can educate yourself about how to spot a potentially distracted driver so you can avoid an accident. 

Be Cautious Around Cell Phone Users

There are laws that prohibit the use of a cell phone while driving in several states. However, many of the states that do prohibit cell phones while driving still allow the use of hands-free devices, which can still be a distraction. It is crucial that you pay close attention to drivers who are using a cell phone while driving. Some drivers easily get caught up in their conversation and make disastrous mistakes, so keep your distance and stay especially alert.   

Take Note of Stalled Reactions

If you are stopped at a stop light and you notice the car in front of you takes way too long to react when the light turns green or you see that the car following you gets a little too close for comfort when you hit your brakes, take note. Delayed reaction times on the roadway are always a sign that a driver is not paying enough attention to what they are doing when they drive. If you see this type of behavior, try to distance yourself from the driver in question. This allows them more time if you do have to stop suddenly and they are behind you, or it allows you more time to react if they happen to lose control in front of you. Follow the 3-second rule when following a car (or creating distance from a car) in good conditions and the 6-second rule for adverse conditions.

Just learning how to spot a distracted driver early on could be enough to help prevent an accident. In the event you are injured in an accident involving a distracted driver, talk to a car accident attorney, like Diane Parsons car accident lawyer in Toronto, to find out what you can do to obtain payment for your losses.